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"Harry" is a small icon positioned on your desktop that will earn you money while you surf.YOU choose if and when to take advantage of Harry's features while you enrich your experience on-line! Advertisers today are prepared to pay between $20 and $50 for you to see a thousand ads. This is commonly referred to as CPM (cost per thousand impressions).We pay you a percentage of revenues for the ads that you and your friends view with Harry, based on current CPM rates.You will get 75% of total revenue generated from your viewing... SignUp


By Signing Up You will now begin to start earning substantial income from your membership, all at the same time doing stuff you like, like surfing the web, reading interesting materials pertaining to your hobby and interests, getting cash back from online purchases, and commissions when your referrals shop, and much, much more! Nice program, that combine many features, as money for reading mail and money for Web Surfing. Payment for the Mail: you will be paid 3 cents for each email you received, and 1 cent from each email that your referals receive up to the 3rd level of referals.
Payment for the surfing: viewing ads as you surf, you'll be paid 50 cents/hour while the ad bar is activated. You'll be paid 10 cents/hour that your direct referals view their ads, and 5 cents/hour for the other indirect referals. The maximum hours you can view the ads is set at 40. There is much more in the program, but my target is revue only absolutely free promotions. SignUp HERE

The Horizon is the piece of software you run on your computer to make money. It runs on your desktop and displays banner ads. Currently the Horizon only runs on Windows systems.
For example I used the figures of each person using their Horizon ad just 20 hours a month (half of what is allowed), and personally referring 200 (I know I can do that in just a day or two), and each of all the downline referrals referring just one other (maybe that is too high, I don't know if you know one person that wants to make money with ads on their screen - duh). Anyway that calculation worked out to $1612 per month. But go ahead and use your own estimates. If I can refer 200 (and I know I can), and you can refer 3, and they can etc. The monthly income would be over $60,000 per month. You never know who will emerge the winner in these Viewbar Wars, but one thing you can be sure of is you need to join fast, and tell everyone as fast as you can before others do. SignUp HERE


Pays you 5 cents for every email you receive from That means if you are receiving 20 emails a day, you will earn a $1.00 a day. Very fres program, just started. You can see: my ID is
20423. Please, use it for register.
Remember, Affiliates Earn Money 3 different ways!
5 cents for every email you receive!
2 cents for every email your referral receives!
2 cents for every email your referral sends! More info and SignUp HERE


Spedia.Net distributes a percentage of the revenues it generates from advertisers to its users. They display ad banners on our pop- up window. You use the pop-up window or web redirect service and collect your cash every month. Also get your own easy-to- remember and manage domain name FREE of any charges. Please, use my referral ID 101213. More info & SignUp HERE


DesctopDollars is a new company that pays its members whenever they are connected to the internet. You could be surfing the net or typing a document. As long as you're connected to the net, YOU'LL GET PAID. You get 0.50$/hour ,0.10$/hour for direct referrals and 0.02$/hour for indirect referrals. Please, use my referral Email
t More info & SignUp HERE


Get paid for reading an E-mail. From $.20 up to $2.50, referrals available. Please, use my referral ID:
titanium7. More info & SignUp HERE


Get paid for reading an E-mail. $.50 for Your reading, $.10 for Your friends, $.05 for friends of Your friends, etc... Please, use my referral ID#:AA
C-886 More info & SignUp HERE

Completely new and very fresh offer from LANGUAGE FORCE Co.   
Incredible program with completely new kind of browser, called GoToWorld. This offer starting from 6-th of July, 1999. It's means - first money You'll get at August. Program available for downloading right now! A lot of Software, Plug-Ins for Chat, Music, Radio, TV, etc. But the most powerfull program - TRANSLATOR. This revolutionary feature allows You to understand everybody on the Net. Every of this features available for registered users. For free register and instant access click to the banner above, or HERE


One more Company, provides the same great idea. The difference is: registered members are allowed for free downloading of really uniq software for more comfortable working and surfing the WEB. For registering click to the banner above.


The Rules Have Changed!!!
Hey, SURFER! As it wrote above, from now on YOU (and there is no any mistakes) can earn very big money simply to surf the WEB.
You don't need to be a Webmaster, build some kind of a pages, sell or buy something thru an Internet. Finish!!!
As my page's Title said: "The rules Have Changed". And they are really changed exactly! Today You came to the right place at the right time. And if You refuse from this offer today, You will lose Your last chance to become a millionaire !!! Well, even, if You don't want to be a millionaire (khmmm...), You have chance to INCREASE YOUR INCOME without any problem. Before it's possible just for Webmasters only. From now on EVERYBODY, look to my lips, I repeate: E V E R Y B O D Y can earn serious money from nothihg!!! All, what You have to do, just click to the banner below, register Yourself at AllAdvantage Company page, recieve by E-Mail a program and Your presonal ID from those good fellows, install it to Your computer and surf the Web. Those program will looks, like a banner, which will be placed at the bottom of the screen of Your browser. An advertising on those banner will change every 20 sec. You will have a right to replace those program from Your screen at any time. As You can see, at the right side the minimize button. Just one question is: If You want to minimize the program?
REMEMBER: for every one hour the program on Your screen You'll get paid $0.50. And when You recommend those program to Your friends, reffering to Your personal ID, You'll get paid $0.10 for every hour the program open on Your's friends computer. Your friends will recommend those program to their friends and You'll get paid $0.05 for every hour. When You will find a numbers of referrals, You can leave You job. Just surf the Web, not more. Sorry, forgot important: ONCE A MONTH LOOK INSIDE OF YOUR POST BOX AND GET A CHECK!!!
AS HIGHER YOUR POSITION - THEN HIGHER YOUR PROFIT!!! For more information and register click to the banner above, or HERE


Sharkhunt have developed a window that sits on top of your browser - the Adbar. When the window is displayed open we show you adverts. We give you a percentage of the revenue we receive from advertisers. It is very simple and there is no catch.
Your earnings potential depends on the amount of time you spend on the Internet and the number of friends you refer to When you keep the Adbar open you will be paid 25p for every hour it is open. When you refer members you get paid 10p for every hour they keep the Adbar open. For every member they refer you get 5p, for every member they refer you get 5p and finally for every member they refer you get 5p. There is no limit to the amount you can earn on referrals. Initially we will set a total limit of _20 per month to the amount you can earn, but we may increase this in the future. For registering just click to the banner above.


ePIPOOne more Company, which could be make You very rich. They offer payments for 60 hours of surfing the Web, plus available 5 levels of Your refferals. For more information and registering just click the banner above.

Get paid for surfing and reading E-mail. First 10.000 members getting 100 shares of Company each. More info & SignUp HERE

Get paid for Your own E-Mail: every letter bring money to You!!! More info HERE

   Cash to Read    (temporary unavailable)
Get paid for Your own E-Mail: every letter bring money to You!!! More info HERE

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